Why Ballistic?

Why should you buy Ballistic Beer? Well, plain and simply because it tastes fantastic. But if you need more of an explanation please read on.

We are a local, independent Brewery that wants to grow, support and educate our community about good beer and the positive impact having a local brewery has on the community. It’s that third place – not work, not home, but somewhere you can escape to, a space for creativity, social interaction and culture, or just quiet contemplation.

We have invested in quality. What does this mean? It means that we’ve done everything we can to design our brewery so that we can produce the freshest, fullest flavoured, delicious tasting beer, served to you in the best possible state.

So what have we done? Starting from the beginning, we have purchased a state of the art Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant and water testing equipment. This allows us soften the water and strip out chlorine and other nasties to leave us with a clean canvas to work with. It allows us to measure a wide range of parameters of water right down to the specific parts per million content of different minerals, it’s pH, hardness, alkalinity and chlorine. Being able to treat and measure our water with this accuracy enables us to build a water profile perfect for every brew. So every beer tastes great, all the time.


We have invested in a Dissolved Oxygen Meter to measure the oxygen content of any beer to an accuracy of 1 part per billion. This matters because the more oxygen you have in a beer the faster it oxidises (tastes less fresh). Having this unit allows us to closely monitor the process, ensuring only the freshest, low oxygen beer reaches you.

We invested in things that mattered for our Brewing Equipment. We customised brewhouse to ensure we only capture the brightest wort (unfermented beer), producing cleaner, more stable beer.

We customised the installation of monitoring instrumentation so we can control the process within tight parameters. We oversized our heat exchanger that chills down the wort in under 30mins. This produces a beer with better hop aroma and minimises the production of undesirable sulphur compounds like Dimethyl Sulphide.

We have purchased the biggest, bloody coldest coldroom that we could get our hands on. We oversized it so that we can store every single drop of beer at 2˚C or below. Why? Because all beer should be stored cold all of the time. Just ask a scientist, at higher temperatures chemical reactions happen faster. So by always storing beer cold it stays in its best and freshest state. That way it can be drunk in the way it was intended, fresh.

In addition to this, at every possible opportunity we also ship our beer cold. Yep, straight from our big bloody coldroom, onto refrigerated trucks, then directly into the fridge at your local good beer bar or bottle shop. It costs us a little more but we think that the excellent end product justifies the means.

We oversized our fermentation and maturation cellar so that every beer can have its required conditioning time without being disturbed. Our Dirty Word Lager, for example, remains in its tank for a minimum of 30 days. No exceptions, no excuses, no other way. We believe proper maturation of our beers reduces unwanted fermentation by-products. These chemical compounds, if not given the correct time to mature, can lead to those nasty headaches and hangovers that we all like to avoid. You won’t find any headaches around Ballistic HQ.


We taste and test our beer every day. So every batch of a beer like Dirty word is tasted more than 30 times and tested more than 70 times!

We choose not to filter our beer. We think it tastes better that way- beer in its original, unaltered state. More full of flavour and just tastier all round.

We chose to package our beer in kegs and cans exclusively. Why? Because these two packaging formats allow for the lowest oxygen pickup, zero exposure to light and are re-useable (kegs) or recyclable (cans). And neither of them cut your feet after you’ve dropped them on the tiles in the kitchen.

So there you have it. A short list of some of the things we do to make sure you get the best quality beer we can produce.


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