Nelson Sauvin – Single Hop IPA

Nelson Sauvin: A single hop to rule them all! [5836 _i="0" _address="0" /]The Power of a Single Hop  We love all beer; the double dry hopped fresh goodness in IPA's, the sweet tartness of a good sour or even the complex layers available in a dark stout. However...

Introducing Revelation IPA

Nearly three years ago, on the basis of a skype interview with Lachy, sitting in a bedsit over a kebab shop in London, I was able to entice Lachlan back to Australia to brew for Ballistic.  When Lachlan arrived in Salisbury for the first time,...


SWYD New England IPA Launched January 24, 2019 If you are regular follower of Ballistic, you'll probably know that we have released another Sleep When You're Dead beer - the second release of our super-popular NEIPA.  For those who have not been following us, the SWYD...

WHERE TO FIND: Sleep When You’re Dead Grapefruit IPA

The Sleep When You’re Dead series are hop loaded beers, 100% cold shipped and sold within 8 weeks of production. Enjoy this one before the dead by date.Grapefruit IPA is a dry, West Coast style IPA exploding with the flavour of 400 hand-zested, locally sourced...

The Making Of Ballistic Beer Alehouse & Kitchen

Written by Mitchell Dunning (Venue Manager)I received a call from David Kitchen late 2017 asking if I would come and have a chat about the opportunity of opening an alehouse and kitchen with Ballistic Beer. Coincidentally, I'd been considering career options. I had...


El Dorado Single Hop IPA Is Here!For those of you following along at home, you've most likely encountered our Single Hop IPA series by now. The next release is here with a fresh, new look.Introducing El Dorado. This US grown number is reasonably new to the scene but...

Upcoming Ballistic Beer Brewery Tours

Since day one, when David (Founder and Chief Beer Taster) and Lachy (Head Brewer) first started construction of the Salisbury Brewery, there were two things they both agreed were critical to the success of Ballistic – great beers and a great place to drink them. Our...


Ballistic Beer has always been a community-focused brewery. We see beer as the liquid magic that brings people together and builds communities for better. With recent light on issues that our farmers face, we’ve teamed up with our mates at Bintani to give back to...

Brewer Thinks He Can Cook

Lachy Crothers, Ballistic Head Brewer, for one night only will be swapping his iconic Ballistic Hawaiian shirt for the classics Whites and a beard net. Look out Brisbane, the Brewer thinks he can cook. Those who know Lachy’s work know that he can cook up a storm in...

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