How Ballistic Began

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In 2015, David, our founder, started looking for a site for a new brewery.  After a year of searching, David located an amazing site in Salisbury. Once settled, he put out a call for a brewer and found Lachlan brewing in London, keen to return to Australia. During their first meeting, conversation naturally turned to what to call the brewery. As you might guess, David and Lachlan have slightly different personalities, so choosing a name was not going to be easy. After a few false starts, they focused on the local community and pretty soon discovered that Salisbury secretly produced much of the munitions used by the Australian army during WWII. Out of respect for the courageous efforts of the Salisbury community, we named our brewery Ballistic Beer and chose the keg bomb as our logo.
From that day, as David and Lachy started construction of the brewery, there were two things they both agreed were going to be critical to the future of Ballistic – great beers and a great place to drink them.
Why these two? Well, here’s why:
We believe that beer is the greatest beverage in the world!
Beer is special, it does things that no other beverage does. It encourages conversation, nurtures community and promotes collaboration. A beer is something you share with your mates, brings people together and can be enjoyed with a fine meal, at a BBQ or after a hard day at work. It’s ability to relax, satisfy, surprise and inspire are second to none.
We believe great beer has the power to bring people together and grow communities. In a world where loneliness is our greatest sickness, Ballistic believes that building communities where people can come together, enjoy each other’s company and enjoy their beers is a wonderful thing. At Ballistic, we are committed to making spaces where communities can thrive.
Ballistic is more than a place of business. It’s a safe haven, a place away from work and from home, that invites you in and pours you a glass of comfort and joy. It’s that place you can go, relax and enjoy your own company or the company of others. Ballistic believes that every patron deserves a great beer, no matter what you bring to the table.
Our dedicated team of beer-lovers come from all walks of life but share one purpose. To give you the best beer & the best of times.

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Salisbury HQ

53-55 McCarthy Rd, Salisbury QLD
(07) 3277 6656

Salisbury hours

Thurs - 4pm - 7pm
Fri - 1.30pm - 10pm
Sat - 1pm - 10pm
Sun - 1pm - 7pm



Westend Alehouse

1/208 Montague Rd
Brisbane, QLD

Westend Hours

Wed - 3:30pm – 9pm
Thurs - 11.30pm - 9pm
Fri - 11.30pm - 10pm
Sat - 11.30pm - 10pm
Sun - 11.30pm - 7pm