Ballistic Brewery

David Kitchen

Founder / Chief Beer Taster

In previous lives, I worked as a Chartered Accountant, Banker and Diplomat, but ultimately threw it all in to set up a chain of home brew stores. When I started them, I had no knowledge of beer and drank commercial light beer to save money. 14 years down the track, I have experienced some amazing beers, both commercial and brewed at home. Now I really like beer. When the opportunity arose to establish a brewery of my own to create great beers, I leapt at it – what sane person wouldn’t!

When I am not working with the stores or setting up the brewery, I’m usually asleep – there’s bugger all time for anything else. But it is fun and working in beer is way better than selling aluminium cladding or doing tax returns!

Lachy Crothers

Head Brewer

Originally from down south W.A., I have just moved to Brisbane from London to set up Ballistic Beer. I’m
personally passionate about high quality consistent beer and education about good beer. I don’t have a
favourite beer or style but find myself in an endless search for amazing beer, although I do drink a lot of
I spend most of my time when I’m not at the brewery with my fiancé Vanessa, rustling around Brisbane’s
farmer’s markets, watching as much cricket as I can and day dreaming about beers I’d like to make.

I am currently listening to Green Star by Pears and my favourite activity is Pub.

Ballistic West End

Nick Dingle

Head Chef 

London was also where I really learned how to be a chef. I got blind lucky and got hired by my now best friend, head chef at one of London’s best gastropubs. I worked and learned as much as I could, and in a little while, got offered a pub of my own to run….We were part of the world’s largest pub company (3,000+). Following on from that gig, I worked in some cool pubs; the one where the Beatles and the Rolling Stones first met, and one that used to be a gay bar that Freddie Mercury called his local. Eventually, we came home and started wondering what to do next. We had a place in Brisbane, so decided to move up here and see how we liked it.
Why did I want to come to Ballistic, though? I wanted to come to be part of something from ground level, to put my stamp on the kitchen, and contribute to an overall great eating and drinking experience as well as contribute to a company with strong values and a belief system that I can agree with. We work very diligently to produce using as much locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients as possible. I believe very strongly in sustainability and ecologically friendly and ethical practices, and hope you’ll enjoy your visits

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